4th Intraoperative OCT Science Day
9th June 2017, Barcelona
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Portrait Susanne Binder MD
Susanne Binder MD

Dear Participant,

Together with the Board Members, Prof. Findl, Prof. Gabison and Prof. Tadayoni, I would like to cordially invite you to attend the 4th Intraoperative OCT Science Day hosted in Barcelona, Spain on 9th June 2017.

Since technology is constantly advancing, the refinement of surgery is of imminent importance. While Optical Coherence Tomography has become the standard of care, transforming diagnostic possibilities for monitoring multiple diseases in the clinic, the use of OCT in the OR is still at its early stages. Many questions still need to be answered when we look into the use of intraoperative OCT in retinal, corneal, cataract and refractive surgery. This new technology may have an impact on surgical quality and predictability of patient outcomes.

The intraoperative OCT Science Day will focus on OCT imaging with an emphasis on intrasurgical applications of this technology. The overall goal of the symposium is to further explore, develop and advance the potential application of intraoperative OCT. International expert speakers share and discuss their experience with the audience and we expect interesting sessions and interactive exchange amongst the international experts present.

I trust the seminar will heighten your interest in driving the development of this promising technology in ocular surgery which will help us to further improve patient outcomes.

We look forward to welcoming you in Barcelona in June!

Yours sincerely,

Signature Susanne Binder MD